Casciano's Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Process:

Did you ever wonder, "Am I working on the right things?" Casciano Business Partners has developed a proprietary process to identify the metrics of your business that are driving company value, both on the Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet.

Our team of professionals will assess your business, identify the important business drivers, and walk your company through our method of improving results and making more money. There aren't many guarantees in business, but once you go through our KPI Process, Casciano Business Partners can guarantee that your business will be working on the right things.


Every business should be able to answer the following question "Why do our customers choose us". Casciano Business Partners has extensive experience in working with business owners and managers to develop the Company Values, Focus and Niche in the marketplace. This is your company's battle-cry and it separates your company from your competitors.